New food drive feature -- 'denim day' stickers

by Kacie Gerard, UNMC public relations | April 02, 2012

New to this year's food drive are food bank stickers that employees can purchase for a dollar to be able to have "jean days" during the food drive.

All the money raised will go to the Food Bank of the Heartland. You can buy stickers from the following food drive representatives:

  • Kacie Gerard -- 4230 Building
  • Margaret Boyce -- Administration Building
  • Shawn Smith -- College of Public Health
  • Kim Ager -- Bennett Hall
  • Melanie Stewart -- Durham Research Center
  • Barb Glover -- Munroe-Meyer Institute
  • Judy Houfek -- Sorrell Center
  • Ana Lara-Ramirez -- College of Nursing


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