Chancellor Maurer recaps his tenure

by Elizabeth Kumru, UNMC public relations | May 06, 2013

Image with caption: Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, M.D.

Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, M.D.

Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, M.D., recently summed up his 20 years of service in which he has led the campus through a period of extraordinary growth.

His leadership philosophy, outlined at the annual Faculty Meeting on April 25, has always involved big ideas, sustainable infrastructure and a trust to act on those ideas.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Maurer praised his team: "The executive leadership of this university is second to none. The team has brought UNMC to its current level, but there's still more to be done."

And, his wife, Beverly: "We make a great team, and Beverly is one of UNMC's biggest supporters," he said.

One of his first tasks as chancellor was to develop a vision, which, with UNMC's executive leadership, came to six points. The partnership of UNMC and The Nebraska Medical Center will be a world-renowned health science center that:

  • Delivers state-of-the-art health care;
  • Prepares the best-educated health professionals and scientists;
  • Ranks among the leading research centers;
  • Advances our historic commitment to community health;
  • Embraces the richness of diversity to build unity; and
  • Creates economic growth in Nebraska.

Building a strong research program, which fuels education and patient care, was the foundation.

"Research is critical to the success of the medical center going forward."

Across-the-board collaboration with faculty, staff, students and teams also is key, he said. "A leader must be liked and respected - the most difficult combination to achieve. One action may not benefit everyone, but as long as you have trust, everyone will be okay with it."

Since taking the helm in 1998, Dr. Maurer has seen increases in:

  • Students and total employees - 41 percent;
  • Faculty - 44 percent;
  • Staff - 49 percent;
  • Research dollars - 203 percent.

National rankings for UNMC programs also have improved. Primary care education rose from 40 out of 149 in 2000's U.S. News & World Report rankings to sixth this year.

Faculty Senate President Audrey Nelson, Ph.D., presented Dr. Maurer with a Faculty Senate proclamation that recognized the outstanding contributions he and his wife have made to UNMC, the University of Nebraska and the state of Nebraska.

He also received a framed collage of all the buildings that have been built or renovated during his tenure and a $2,500 donation from the Faculty Senate to the new Cancer Center. As of July 1, Dr. Maurer will begin a new role at the University of Nebraska Foundation in fundraising for UNMC's cancer center project.


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Bud Shaw
May 06, 2013 at 1:45 PM

I'm forever grateful for the tremendous personal support that Hal provided me over the years, beginning in 1997 when he was the Dean of the COM. He was a man of vision and courage. I wish him good health and happiness during this next phase of his career.

Linda Johnson
May 06, 2013 at 10:11 AM

He has been inspirational for all Faculty, Staff and Students. I have seen this campus grow and become a world wide institution. I am proud to have work under Dr Maurer leadership.