eSHOP interface will improve shopping cart preview

September 20, 2013

Image with file name: eSHOPLogo811.jpg

This is the ninth in a series of articles on how to use eSHOP's new interface.

On Oct. 14, UNMC's eSHOP system will replace the classic user interface with a new, improved Phoenix user interface.

As part of this system redesign, Phoenix will offer an improved cart preview for users.

Previously, in order to view the items currently in the cart, users would have to leave a page and go to the active shopping cart tab.

The Phoenix interface offers a quick view of the active cart from anywhere in the application.

For a breakdown of the classic vs. Phoenix cart preview screens, click here.

UNMC Today will spotlight improved features from the new interface weekly leading up to the Oct. 14 launch date. Previously spotlighted features have included:


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