UNMC students receive Harris scholarship awards

by Vicky Cerino, UNMC public relations | May 12, 2009

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From left are Stephanie Miller, Marinda Kolar, Kathy McCray, Norman Harris, Cassandra Thiele, Jennifer Boyle, Staci Burbach, Chelsey Leiting, Roseanna Schmidt, Kimberly Klein and Karra Higgins. Miller, Kolar, Thiele, Boyle, Burbach, Leiting, Schmidt, Klein and Higgins are recipients of the Bernice Harris Nursing Scholarship Award.
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Pictured from left are Lee Mosely, Ph.D., UNMC associate professor of pharmacology and experimental neuroscience, Nicholas Whitney, Norman Harris, Jiqing Xu and Theodore Bartoletti. Whitney, Xu and Bartoletti are recipients of the Bernice and Norman Harris Graduate Student Alzheimer's and Lewy Body Research Fellowship Award.
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From left are Kathy McCray, Amit Tuli, Norman Harris, Bradley Creamer, Kalyan Nannuru, Sangeeta Bafna, Sunil Mallanna, Heidi Johnson, Laura Simone, Jennifer Bailey and Joyce Solheim, Ph.D. Tuli, Creamer, Nannuru, Bafna, Mallanna, Johnson, Simone and Bailey are recipients of the Norman and Bernice Harris Graduate Student Cancer Research Fellowship Award.
Twenty-five UNMC nursing students and graduate students who study cancer, Alzheimer's disease and dementia recently were honored with scholarships from Norman Harris, an Omaha native who lives in San Diego.

The awards were presented recently during a luncheon held at UNMC in Harris' honor. Since 1999, he has given $73,500 in scholarship awards that have been distributed to 142 students through the University of Nebraska Foundation. Harris established the awards in memory of his late wife Bernice Harris.

Both Norman and his late wife battled cancer. Bernice Harris also was afflicted with Lewy Body, a rare form of dementia. Through it all, Harris said they received excellent nursing care.

Originally from Omaha, the Harris family moved to San Diego in 1965. Norman Harris earned a bachelor's degree in political science from UNL in 1941. Until his retirement in 1973, he was a manager for a chain of retail discount stores. He then embarked on entrepreneurial adventures in real estate, franchising, accounting, tax preparation, banking and finance. His wife was an artist and decorative consultant.

The recipents of this year's awards are listed below:

Bernice Harris Nursing Scholarship Award -- Jennifer Boyle, Staci Burbach, Marinda Kolar, Karra Higgins, Chelsey Leiting, Stephanie Miller, Kimberly Klein, Roseanna Schmidt, Cassandra Thiele and Janet Vogel.

Bernice and Norman Harris Graduate Student Alzheimer's and Lewy Body Research Fellowship Award -- Theodore Bartoletti, Jessica Hutter, Ari Nowacek, Nicholas Whitney and Jiqing Xu.

Norman and Bernice Harris Graduate Student Cancer Research Fellowship Award -- Jennifer Bailey, Sangeeta Bafna, Subhankar Chakraborty, Bradley Creamer, Heidi Johnson, Sunil Mallanna, Kalyan Nannuru, Shantibhusan Senapati, Laura Simone and Amit Tuli.