UNMC LiveGreen - 'Flip the Switch,' even if you're just out for a bit

November 17, 2011

picture disc.
It's always best to "Flip the Switch" when you leave empty rooms.

Some believe it's more energy efficient to leave lights on when you leave a room if you'll only be out for a few minutes because the startup energy needed to fire up the lights offsets any savings from shutting them off. This is universally not true for incandescent lights and almost entirely not true for fluorescents as well, say the folks from Verdis, the consultant UNMC uses for its LiveGreen initiative. As such, it's a good rule of thumb to "Flip the switch" whenever you leave the room.


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Nicole Hackendahl
November 17, 2011 at 9:41 AM

Can we obtain flip the switch stickers?