Make your mark by recycling pens

by Nicole Lindquist, UNMC public relations | April 18, 2012

Image with file name: TerraCycle2.jpg

Each year, billions (yes, billions with a B) of writing instruments are discarded and end up in landfills.

As part of Earth Week, UNMC and The Nebraska Medical Center will launch a special program for employees to recycle defunct writing instruments today.

  Employees can request "Terracycle" bins for their departments by emailing

The next time your pen explodes or your Sharpie runs out of ink, place it in a TerraCycle bin. When the bin is full, email again for a pre-paid shipping label.

Terracycle will convert the empty writing instruments and packaging into other fun and innovative products. All types of used/defunct writing instruments can be collected, ranging from pens to dry erase markers. The only item that is not accepted is "White-Out."

TerraCycle will donate two cents back to the hospital/university for every writing instrument that is collected.