College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP)

Convocation Questionnaire

This form must be completed by all students who will be conferred with a degree or certificate from the College of Allied Health Professions.

Note: The Saturday Commencement Program and diploma will have your official University name unless a name change form is submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Please use normal capitalization. Be sure that Caps Lock is NOT engaged on your computer when completing this form. All fields are required. This information may be edited by CAHP Academic and Student Affairs before inclusion in the final script and program.

Please spell your name exactly as you want it printed in the CAHP Convocation program. If you do not wish to list your middle name, please enter NMI in the box.

Personal e-mail.(where you can be reached after graduation):


Announcements (to be printed in the program only)

Please state in the third person any announcements about yourself and acknowledgements that you would like to be printed in the CAHP Convocation Ceremony Program. Many graduates use this to publicly thank families and friends, announce special occasions or other human interest items such as birthdays, joining the peace corp., etc. However, CAHP Academic and Student Affairs reserve the right to edit all material. It is a given that faculty are recognized by each graduate so you may use this forum to focus on family and friend acknowledgements. Thank you.


Jane/John would like to thank her/his family and friends for their support....note the use of the third person. Please limit your entry to 100 characters.