Ask-a-Colleague Service

What is the Ask-a-Colleague service?
To build capacity and improve peer-to-peer support among CityMatCH members, the organization maintains an online membership network - the Ask-A-Colleague Service (or AAC). As a member, you may access the AAC service to quickly and efficiently query your colleagues around the country on your MCH program, policy, practice and data use concerns.

How do I use this service?
The Ask-A-Colleague Process is simple and can be initiated, developed and completed online. Responses are collected and posted online.

Complete out the form below, or contact the CityMatCH office. The online AAC form walks users through tool options, (i.e. Likert scale, yes-no, checkbox, qualitative response, etc.). Staff may contact the member as needed, to refine the questions.

What happens next?
The query is posted on a web-page available only to other CityMatCH members. Members are alerted to the AAC via E-mail and given an individualized link to participate. After submitting a response, members may also view other responses.

Online responses are archived and available for ninety days following the query submission. What a great way to get the assistance you need from fellow urban MCH leaders!

For more information, contact Anna Rough, MA, MES, at (402) 552-9500 or via E-mail at

Please fill out the form below to request assistance:
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