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Assay Method: PCR Southern


PCR Assay - The PCR assay must show the results of a positive control (typically the transgene vector alone), a negative control (typically water) and a transgene-genomic DNA mixture. The transgene-genomic DNA mixture is made by combining the transgene plasmid DNA with mouse genomic DNA to final concentrations of 300 fg/ul (for a 10 kb plasmid) and 100 ng/ul, respectively. Use 1 ul of the mixture per PCR reaction. A picture of the gel indicating the lane assignments must be attached below.

Southern Assay - The Southern assay must show the results of a blot in which 30pg of the vector is mixed with 10 ug of mouse genomic DNA (available from the facility) and cut simultaneously with restriction enzyme(s). Attach a picture of the results below.

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