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C.B. Gurumurthy, Ph.D.
Mouse Genome Engineering Core Director


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Sample Given To The Mouse Genome Facility
(Each tube must have project code name, PI, concentration and date clearly labeled.)

Targeting Construct: Label on tube:
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(Construct should be LINEARIZED. Submit at least 200 ug at 1 ug/ul. High quality purification and sterility are critical for a good ES cell transfection experiments.)

What is your neo promoter?:
(We will feed your ES cells G418, be SURE you have not used one of the mutated neo's!)

Did you use a 129 Mouse Library to make your targeting construct? Yes No
This MAY be CRITICAL for good results in your experiment---
Exactly which 129 Mouse Library was used?
Which 129 Mouse strain or ES Cell Line does this library match?

If you checked sequence, what was your source of comparison?

Does your targeting construct involve cre/lox sites or flp/frt sites? Yes No

The Transgenic Facility insists on double selection for all constructs. Which have you used?
Neo/TK (then we will feed your cells G418/GANC)
Neo/DT (then we will feed your cells G418 only)

Do you have a screening assay to detect both the wild type and knock out allele? Yes No

After your confirmation, will we make mice directly from the positive clones? Yes No

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