From an owner/administrator perspective: positive outcomes summary.

Facilities that participated in the pilot project, Midwest Partners for Geriatric Nursing, reported these outcomes in common. Gero Prep training and Gerontological Nurse Certification:

  • raises RN skills, professionalism, job satisfaction and retention.
  • elevates quality in elder care.
  • fosters long-term operations success and care continuity.

From Gero Prep RNs who earned certification: positive outcomes summary.

Top findings from an evaluative survey of nurses:

  • enhanced RN-BC ('board-certified') credential - greater sense of professional achievement and respect from physicians, other nurses, staff and administrators.
  • favorable perception of sponsoring facility - stronger intent to remain with firm.
  • significant increase in job confidence, self-esteem and procedures assuredness.
  • high satisfaction with Gero Prep training - 94.4%.
  • marked improvement in self-rated geriatric competencies - key care categories.
  • enhancement of computer/technology skills - online learning and work tasks execution.

Confidence - self-esteem - assuredness:

Significant improvement responses:

  • I am confident about my ability to do my job.
  • I am self-assured about my capability to perform my work.
  • I have mastered the skills necessary for my job.
  • I have significant autonomy in determining how I do my job.
  • I can decide on my own how to go about doing my work.
  • I have considerable opportunity for independence/freedom in how I do my job.
  • My impact on what happens in my nursing unit is large.
  • I am more inclined to remain with my employer.

How have you used - or intend to use - knowledge gained?

  • Share knowledge with co-workers and staff.
  • Improve assessment skills.
  • Incorporate knowledge in daily practice.
  • Improve quality of care for patients.
  • Mentor new nurses and CNAs.
  • Improve communication with other staff.
  • Enhance critical thinking ability.
  • Incorporate evidence-based practices in care.

What changes do you expect to occur in your facility as a result of your participation in this course?

  • Updated policies and procedures to reflect evidence-based practices and increased use of evidence-based practices.
  • Better understanding of disease processes in elderly clients.
  • Better critical thinking skills.
  • Improved care practices such as infection prevention.
  • Increased staff education.
  • Increased awareness and appreciation of unique attributes of elderly patients that distinguish them from younger patients.
  • Improved quality of care for patients.
  • Improved nurse proficiency through increased professional development opportunities.
  • Improved assessment skills and personal care planning.
  • Efforts to provide staff with resources and make nurses' work more meaningful.

What was the best experience you had in this course?

  • Successful completion of an online course.
  • Become current in geriatric training.
  • Earn certification - RN-BC (board-certified) credential.
  • Gain a better understanding of major physiological systems.
  • Discover references, resources and support networks useful in practice.
  • Increase knowledge and empathy with residents/patients.
  • Sense of accomplishment.
  • Overall learning experience.

What factors made this course worthwile?

  • Resources and tools available and ease of access to quality information.
  • Knowledge gained - curriculum specific to geriatrics.
  • Exposure to online learning technologies and computer applications at work.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence - sense of accomplishment.
  • Thorough preparation for the ANCC certification exam.
  • Reinforcement - importance of evidence based practices.
  • Knowledge and expertise of contributing faculty.
  • Review of pathology, assessments and interventions.
  • Course content, flexibility and pace - not overwhelming.
  • Current best practices in geriatric care.
  • Overall learning experience.

Self-rated assessment of geriatric care competencies:

[using gerontological nursing benchmark - Hartford Geriatric Competency Tool]

Significant improvement categories:

  • Patient communication.
  • Physiological & psychological age changes.
  • Pain assessment.
  • Skin integrity - pressure ulcers/bedsores.
  • Functional status.
  • Restraints.
  • Elder abuse.
  • Discharge planning.

Self-rated assessment of technology skills:

Significant improvement categories:

  • I feel confident in my ability to access the internet.
  • I feel confident in my ability to take online coursework.
  • I am able to download files from the web.
  • I am able to upload files to the web.
  • I am able to search the internet for resources.