Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff


College of Nursing faculty have been pioneers in distance delivery and now with federal grant support, are engaged in testing learning strategies and new delivery technologies. Many are engaged in faculty practice in the College of Nursing's two nurse managed centers and in other clinical settings. Faculty have been building programs of research in several areas of emphasis:

  • Individual and family responses to acute and chronic conditions (symptom management)
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Technology mediated rural health care

Students have the opportunity to work cooperatively with the research teams.

There are more than 115 College of Nursing faculty who work with over 1,000 students. The College of Nursing through the great generosity of alumni and friends is fortunate to have six fully endowed faculty positions which provide exceptional opportunities for faculty and students to work with very talented and distinguished faculty. The faculty, support staff, students, and the vast array of clinical sites provide exciting environments for learning, for discovery, and for service, each making a difference in our educational endeavors.

Faculty are located on all five College of Nursing campuses across the state.


Staff are located on all five College of Nursing campuses. They are highly qualified individuals who provide support in all areas of the College: student services, department administrative assistance, distance learning, poster production, database development and maintenance, web page development and maintenance, online testing, technical support, research, and grants

Executive Council

The College of Nursing administratively functions through the Executive Council which consists of:

  • Dean, College of Nursing
  • Associate Dean for Research
  • Associate Dean for Academic Programs
  • Assistant Dean - Kearney Division
  • Assistant Dean - Lincoln Division
  • Assistant Dean - West Nebraska Division
  • Assistant Dean - Northern Division
  • Director, Student Services
  • Director, Administration and Operations
  • Department Chair - Adult Health & Illness
  • Department Chair - Community-Based Health
  • Department Chair - Families & Health Systems
  • Director, Undergraduate Program
  • Director, PhD Program
  • Director, DNP Program
  • Director of Continuing Nursing Education & Evaluation
  • Director, Morehead Center for Nursing Practice
  • Chair of the General Faculty Organization
  • Director, Learning Resources
  • Director, International Programs
  • Administrative Assistant to the Dean/Recording Secretary