Faculty & Staff Profile

Faculty/Staff Profile

Bernice Yates, PhD, RN

Contact Information
University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
College of Nursing - Omaha Division 
985330 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5330
tel:(402) 559-5460
E-Mail: bcyates@unmc.edu


Dr. Yates' research focuses on:

  • Social support interventions to assist cardiac patients and family members in their physical and psychosocial recoveries from a cardiac event.
  • Strategies to improve adherence to secondary prevention guidelines for cardiovascular disease risk reduction.
  • Couple-focused interventions to assist cardiac patients and their spouses with the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyles after a cardiac event to improve cardiovascular health.

Recent Funding
4/1/09-3/31/12 Bernice Yates (PI), Joe Norman, Kaye Krogstrand, Scott Shurmur, Jane Meza and Karen Schumacher (co-investigators) Title: Reducing Risk in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Partners Together in Health (PaTH) Intervention. Funding agency: NINR, NIH, R15. Total dollars: $225,000, 1R15NR010923; and Clinical research Center, UNMC. Total dollars: $145,603.
7/1/09-6/30/14 Carol Pullen (PI) Bernice Yates (Co-Director, Building Interdisciplinary Teams Core) Title: Interdisciplinary Healthy Heart Center. Funding agency: NINR, NIH, P20. Total Dollars: $1,000,000. 1P20NR011404. View website.
12/1/2013-11/30/2015 Bernice Yates (PI), Joe Norman, Corrine Hanson, Kevin Kupzyk, and Karen Schumacher (co-investigators). Title: A Couple-focused Intervention to Improve Adherence after Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study. Funding agency: Dean’s Pilot Grant. Total dollars: $10,000.