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Prior Publications

Carol H Pullen, EdD, RN

Publications 2000 and Prior

Fiandt, K., Pullen, C. H., & Walker, S. N. (1999). Actual and perceived risk for chronic illness in rural older women. Clinical Excellence for Nurse Practitioners, 3(2),105-115.

Goodrow, B., Pullen, C., & Duggins, B. (1996). An application of inquiry based learning: The Road Rally. Journal of Health Education, 27(2), 105-108.

Pullen, C., Edwards, J., Lenz, C. & Alley, N. (1994). A comprehensive health care delivery model. Journal of Professional Nursing, 10(4), 201-208.

Pullen, C., & Gairola, G. (1993). Educational applications of technology for rural sites. In Tool Kit for Interdisciplinary Training Programs (pp. 84-89). (Prepared under contract #HRSA 240-BHPR-19(2) AHL.)

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