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Jill R. Reed, PhD, APRN-NP
Assistant Professor

Current Publications

Reed, J. R., Yates, B. C., Houfek, J., Briner, W., Schmid, K. K., & Pullen, C. H. (2015). Motivational factors predict weight loss in rural adults. Public Health Nursing (Boston, Mass.), doi:10.1111/phn.12213

Reed, J. R., Yates, B. C., Houfek, J., Pullen, C. H., Briner, W., & Schmid, K. K. (2015). Eating self-regulation in overweight and obese adults: A concept analysis. Nursing Forum, doi:10.1111/nuf.12125

Hageman, P.A., Reed, J.R., Pullen, C., Boeckner, L.S., Dizona, P., & Yates, B.C. (2012). Relationships between Motivation for Weight Loss and Cognitive-Behavioral Influences Among Midlife and Older Rural Women Enrolled in a Web-based Clinical Trial for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance. The Gerontologist, 52(S1), 390-391.