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Current Publications

Elizabeth Beam, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Project Coordinator
University of Nebraska Programs of Excellence Biopreparedness Grant

Current Publications

Jelden, K. C., Gibbs, S. G., Smith, P. W., Schwedhelm, M. M., Iwen, P. C., Beam, E. L., et al. (2015). Nebraska biocontainment unit patient discharge and environmental decontamination after Ebola care. American Journal of Infection Control, 43(3), 203-205.

Schwedhelm, S., Beam, E. L., Morris, R. D., & Sebastian, J.G. (2015). Reflections on interprofessional team-based clinical care in the ebola epidemic: The Nebraska Medicine experience. Nursing Outlook, 63(1), 27-29.

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Beam, E. L., Gibbs, S. G., Hewlett, A. L., Iwen, P. C., Nuss, S. L., & Smith, P. W. (2015). Clinical Challenges in Isolation Care: Safe Practices for Nurses at the Bedside. American Journal of Nursing, 115 (4), 44-49.

Smith, P. W., Boulter, K. C., Hewlett, A. H., Kratochvil, C. J., Beam, E. L., Gibbs, S. G., Lowe, J. J., & Schwedhelm, M. M. (2015). Planning and response to Ebola virus disease: An integrated approach. American Journal of Infection Control, 43, 441-446.

Beam, E. L., Gibbs, S. G., Hewlett, A. L., Iwen, P. C., Nuss, S. L., & Smith, P. W. (2014). Method for investigating nursing behaviors related to isolation care. American Journal of Infection Control, 42, 1152-1156.

Smith, P.W., Beam, E., Sayles, H., Rupp, M. E., Cavalieri, R. J., Gibbs, S. G., & Hewlett, A. L. (2014). Impact of Adenosine Triphosphate Detection and feedback on hospital room cleaning. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 35(5), 564-569.

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Beam, E., Gibbs, S., Boulter, K., Beckerdite, M., & Smith, P. (2011). A method for evaluating personal protective equipment technique by healthcare workers. American Journal of Infection Control, 39, 416-420. doi: 10.1016/j.ajic.2010.07.009

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Beam, E. & Kaiser, M. (2007). Creative strategies for teaching disaster preparedness concepts. Journal of Nursing Education 46 (11), 528.

Beam, E. L., Smith, S. M., Pullen, C., & Carstens, P. (2006). Design and development of bioterrorism response education programs. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 2(2), e65-e68.