VA pharmacists receive preceptor of the year award

by Chuck Brown, UNMC public relations | May 11, 2009

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Lourdes Heuermann, Pharm.D., Janelle Sellers, Pharm.D., and Jeremy McIntyre, Pharm.D., with College of Pharmacy Dean Courtney Fletcher, Pharm.D., at the college's recent convocation ceremony. Drs. Heuermann, Sellers and McIntyre -- clinical pharmacists at the Grand Island VA hospital -- received the COP Preceptor of the Year award at the ceremony.
Lourdes Heuermann, Pharm.D., Janelle Sellers, Pharm.D., and Jeremy McIntyre, Pharm.D., clinical pharmacists at the Grand Island Veteras Affairs hospital, received the Preceptor of the Year award during the recent College of Pharmacy Honors Convocation.

The three -- all College of Pharmacy alumni -- said they work to provide UNMC students with an environment where they have the independence to suggest and implement drug plans for patients. They also provide the support that allows students to feel secure in their suggestions.

"We let the students see patients and get hands-on with their work and we watch and offer advice as we see fit," said Dr. Heuermann, who has worked with students on rotation for 22 years.

With five and four years experience working with students, respectively -- Drs. Sellers and McIntyre are comparatively new to preceptorship, but they have proven to be quick studies and their input has earned respect from their students.

"Lourdes, Janelle and Jeremy were great teachers!," one student nominator wrote. "They encouraged us to solve problems on our own and provided us with the resources to do so."

Another nominator wrote,"They all took their jobs seriously but also found time to have fun! They are all really open minded and supportive, which is important in a preceptor!"

Other students said the independence they experienced during the rotation helped them get a better feel for the profession.

Work with the students students is rewarding on several levels, the preceptors said, noting that it makes them stay on top of the latest pharmacy developments so they can answer the questions they get from their curious understudies.

"They do keep us on our toes," Dr. Heuermann said.