UNMC Printing Services assumes daily operation of UNO Printing, Duplicating

Seamless, quality service and the potential for reduced printing costs are the goals of a new partnership between UNMC and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO).

Effective July 1, UNMC Printing Services will assume daily operation of UNO Printing and Duplicating Services, located in 106 Eppley Administration Building (EAB) on the UNO campus.

"We look forward to working with the UNO community to provide quality printing and copying services," said Allen Olson, manager of UNMC Printing Services. "We'll continue to provide excellent service to all of our clients at UNMC, and we'll extend that same type of quality service to our new customers at UNO. Potentially, those customers should also see a reduction in costs."

The UNMC-UNO partnership will streamline operations of the printing and copying services between the two campuses, resulting in a cost savings, Olson said.

Fran Neff, manager of duplicating services at UNO, and Kari Skadberg, copy services technician in duplicating services at UNO, have become UNMC employees. Skadberg will remain on the UNO campus, and Neff will assume new responsibilities on the UNMC campus.

Todd Lynes, a customer service representative for UNMC Printing Services, will relocate to the UNO campus for the month of July. Preliminary plans call for Lynes and Lynn Harris, another customer service representative, to rotate between the UNMC and UNO campuses. UNMC patrons should continue to call 559-4282 or e-mail print4u@unmc.edu , with customer service requests, Olson said.