UNMC's logo usage unchanged by new hospital name

Earlier this week, officials at the former Nebraska Health System unveiled the hospital's new name, The Nebraska Medical Center. The new name more closely aligns the hospital with its partner, the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

Since that unveiling, several inquiries have been made about how the hospital's new name impacts UNMC and its logo.

The Nebraska Medical Center name applies to the hospital units and its employees. UNMC is a campus of the University of Nebraska, and the UNMC logo will be continue to be used on letterhead, business cards, and printed and electronic materials that represent the University of Nebraska Medical Center, according to Bill O'Neill, UNMC publications coordinator.

"UNMC's current logo was approved by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents two years ago, after the board received recommendations from a University-wide committee appointed by President L. Dennis Smith, Ph.D.," O'Neill said. "That committee also developed guidelines for use of the logo, and a group meets periodically to review its use."

Logo guidelines can be found at www.nebraska.edu/news/LogoHandbook.pdf.

According to Sandy Goetzinger-Comer, director of public affairs at UNMC, the hospital and medical center are working collaboratively on new campus signage.

"When the UNMC logo changed, one of the reasons we held off updating campus signage was because the hospital was in the process of evaluating its name," she said. "With this week's announcement, we are now in a position to work together on campus signage. Signage for clinics under University Medical Associates management is also being reviewed.

"We're pleased that the hospital chose a name that more closely aligns with UNMC. As the state's academic health sciences center and a campus of the University of Nebraska, we have an important mission of education, research, patient care and service that impacts the health of the state and beyond."