Paper-saving measure will enhance campus conservation efforts

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In a major step toward reducing energy consumption and paper waste and enhancing campus conservation efforts, eSHOP and LiveGreen have announced that the controller's office and procurement have determined that printed copies of eSHOP documentation are no longer required to be maintained by individual departments.

Effective immediately, online documentation maintained in eSHOP is considered to be adequate. In accordance with sound accounting practices, delivery receipts and other supporting documentation not provided by e-SHOP should be kept on file within the department.

As a result of the new policy, eSHOP users will no longer need to print off purchase orders and file them away for a potential audit; eSHOP will maintain the needed records. Given that UNMC produces more than 70,000 purchase orders ranging from one to three pages each, this one policy shift will result in massive savings in paper, ink, and printing power, as well as in time printing, filing, or finding (and potentially paying) a place to store the paper material.

In addition to the savings of time and money, LiveGreen estimates that the new policy will conserve up to 25 fully mature trees annually.

eSHOP also now offers a "direct pay" function for certain vendors within the eSHOP system. As a result, itemized invoices, agendas, attendee lists and business function flyers will not need to be printed or filed. These documents can be scanned and uploaded into eSHOP and are easily retrievable within the system now and in the future by end users or accounts payable.

Click here for a link to the Official Function Direct Pay Form instructions; see the note for THIS FORM ONLY.

Questions on either function? For eSHOP, contact Nicole McCoid, or for the controller's office, contact Michael Barr.


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