Employees to receive CD celebrating UNMC accomplishments

Report is searchable
"Building A World-Renowned Health Science Center," the title of UNMC's reaccreditation self-study, is being sent to all employees as a searchable PDF file.

The PDF search functions can be used to quickly find the sections of the report that discuss a particular unit or topic. For example, the College of Nursing is referenced 37 times in the report, facilities issues are mentioned 56 times, and there are 186 references to community activities and relationships.

To use the PDF search function, load the document, click on the binoculars icon and enter a word or phrase. To examine each instance where this word or phrase is used, use the "Find a word in the current PDF document" at the bottom of the search window, enter the word or phrase in the new window and use the arrows to move forwards or backwards.

UNMC employees soon will receive a personal CD of the self-study report for reaccreditation.

The CDs, titled "Building A World-Renowned Health Science Center," are being sent to all employee mailboxes through campus mail.

The 227-page report is one component of UNMC's reaccreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Seven site visit consultant-evaluators will be on campus Jan. 8-10 to assess UNMC's standing for institution-wide reaccreditation.

"'Building A World-Renowned Health Science Center' is UNMC's story," said UNMC Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, M.D. "It is the story of our vision, accomplishments, opportunities and challenges. It is a story that will have enduring value long after the site visit is completed."

"The self-study report will serve as a permanent reference for the campus community," said John Adams, Ph.D., assistant vice chancellor for budget and strategic planning who is among the four-member executive committee coordinating UNMC's reaccreditation efforts. "It also is an impressive snapshot of the breadth and depth of our programs across the state, as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead."

Distribution of the CD will allow employees to familiarize themselves with the self-study report at their convenience, said John Benson, M.D., professor of internal medicine who is coordinating UNMC's reaccreditation efforts.

"The foundation of UNMC's success is its employees," Dr. Benson said. "The report is a proud testament of the talent and dedication we have among our faculty, staff and students."

The self-study report -- produced over the past 20 months by a team of more than 100 faculty, staff and students -- also is available online at www.unmc.edu/nca.

Self-study to endure after site visit
An executive summary of the self-study report is being prepared and will be available mid-February, said John Adams, Ph.D., assistant vice chancellor for budget and strategic planning. The summary, which will appear as a narrative, rather than addressing the Higher Learning Commission's 21 core components, will be sent to community leaders, donors and other UNMC supporters. It also will be available as a faculty recruitment tool.

UNMC's reaccreditation will be judged on five new criteria and 21 "core components." Generally, the criteria -- outlined in separate self-study chapters -- involve:
  • UNMC's mission and integrity in carrying out its mission;
  • UNMC's focus on the future;
  • UNMC's student learning and effective teaching;
  • UNMC's research enterprise; and
  • UNMC's community service.

A final chapter documents UNMC's distance education programs and seeks authority to expand them.

UNMC as a whole must stand for reaccreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association every 10 years.