Dr. Johanning aggressively treating varicose veins

Jason Johanning, M.D., likes to take a comprehensive approach when treating varicose veins in his patients.

Not only does he use the new endovenous laser treatment but he will treat both legs at once and remove the veins.

"I'm one of the few people in town who will do both legs at once," Dr. Johanning said. "The reason I tend to be more aggressive is because most people want everything done at once."

As a board certified vascular surgeon at UNMC's hospital partner, The Nebraska Medical Center, Dr. Johanning knows veins and arteries.

"What needs to be understood about vein care is you can go from a really invasive surgery that requires reconstruction of the vein to minimally invasive surgery using only endovenous laser treatment or non-invasive methods such as sclerotherapy and laser treatment," he said. "I try to tailor each individual treatment to the person's needs."

While many of the patients Dr. Johanning treats suffer from a variety of ailments including chronic venous stasis, venous ulcers and occlusion of the central veins of the body, he focuses primarily on people who have varicose veins.

Commonly thought of as a cosmetic issue, varicose veins can cause a host of problems from ulcers to severe swelling of the legs.

Just ask Renee Hogue, a patient of Dr. Johanning who recently received laser treatment and removal of her varicose veins.

"My veins were pretty ugly. I had bulging veins going horizontally and vertically on both legs," Hogue said. "At the end of the day my legs would ache and my feet were swollen."

Late last year, Hogue had Dr. Johanning laser the problem veins causing the varicosities in her thighs and remove the protruding veins in both of her lower legs at the same time.

Within a few hours of the procedure, she was walking around and within five days she was back at work.

"There was no pain and minimal bruising," Hogue said.

The laser treatment and vein removal has become so popular, said Debra Kozeny, a nurse practitioner who works with Dr. Johanning, that they have a dedicated vein clinic to address the specific needs of patients with venous disorders ranging from major reconstructive surgery to sclerotherapy and laser treatment of varicose veins.