Holdrege students 'compound' their interest in health care

picture disc.
Charlie Krobot, Pharm.D., with honor students, back row from left, Kali Metzger, Sierra Jones, Katie Shelton, Rachel Schnoor, Michaela Gray, Travis Pieper, Justin Boutwell; front row, Brooke Ballou, Julie Kring and Margo Huggins.

Honor students from the Holdrege area show off the "compounds" they made in the College of Pharmacy's model pharmacy under the careful supervision of Charles Krobot, Pharm.D., associate dean for academic affairs.

The students used cake frosting and food coloring to concoct their "compounds."

The students were in Omaha this week as participants in 2009 Holdrege Summer Honors Program hosted by the UNMC Youth Learning Center.

"We always enjoy hosting this program for our Holdrege Summer Honors students," said Lisa Jewell, director of the UNMC Youth Learning Center. "I try to schedule presentations and topics they may not have available to them in their rural communities."

After attending this week's presentation, the students go back to their hometowns and job shadow health care professionals in their communities.

The program allows students to explore health care career options at UNMC. It also encourages participants to pursue careers in the health sciences with the hope that they may someday practice health care in rural Nebraska where critical shortages of health care professionals are a major concern.

This week, the students learned about UNMC's academic programs, attended lectures and did research.

The 2009 Holdrege Summer Honors Program participants, their schools and hometowns are:

  • Brooke Ballou, Cambridge High School, Wilsonville
  • Justin Boutwell, Holdrege High School, Holdrege
  • Michaela Gray, Holdrege High School, Holdrege
  • Margo Huggins, Alma Public High School, Alma
  • Sierra Jones, Bertrand High School, Holdrege
  • Julie Kring, Axtell Community High School, Axtell
  • Kali Metzger, Alma Public High School, Republican City
  • Travis Pieper, Eustis-Farnam High School, Farnam
  • Rachel Schnoor, Minden High School, Minden
  • Katie Shelton, Minden High School, Kenesaw