Push ups for Haiti

So the other day, Vice Chancellor for Research Tom Rosenquist, Ph.D., gave Ernest Prentice, Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for academic affairs, a hard time about being out of shape.

In response, Dr. Prentice proclaimed that he could do a boatload of push ups. Dr. Rosenquist demanded evidence and offered to give $2 to the UNMC Haitian Relief and Outreach Fund for every pushup Dr. Prentice did.

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UNMC Today Editor Chuck Brown's going to do some push ups for Haiti on Friday. He wants you to, too!
On the spot, in his work clothes, Dr. Prentice cranked out 44 push ups and Dr. Rosenquist gave $90 to the fund.

Upon hearing this, I wondered, "How many push ups can I do?"

Well, this Friday at noon at a campus location to be determined, I'm going to find out.

I'm seeking sponsors, too. Maybe it's $2 a push up, maybe it's a quarter a push up, whatever. The money raised will support the Haiti fund.

I'm also seeking competition. I know there's some strong people and fitness buffs out there. I'm challenging you. Get some sponsors and join me on Friday. We'll see how many push ups we can knock out and how much money we can raise for Haiti.

If you want to sponsor or challenge me, send me an e-mail at cdbrown@unmc.edu.

I'll see you on Friday!


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