New schedules, locations for SHARING Clinics

The student-run UNMC SHARING Clinics (Student Health Alliance Reaching Indigent Needy Groups) now have new schedules and locations to continue to serve patients.

"We are excited to continue to serve patients at all three of our clinics," said SHARING Clinic co-president and medical student Kara Markin. "The SHARING Clinics provide important health care services in our community and offer valuable experience to students across UNMC's academic programs."

Medical clinic moves to midtown

More online

Learn more about the SHARING clinics online.

The SHARING Medical Clinic -- which provides general health care for adults and children in need -- now operates on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the UNMC Specialty Care Center, 804 S. 52nd St.

The clinic moved after UNMC's South Omaha Community Health Center, which previously housed and supported the SHARING Clinic, was closed on Dec. 1 due to a loss of grant funding.

RESPECT Clinic now at Baker Place

The SHARING Clinic also had operated its RESPECT Clinic (Responsible Early STD Prevention Education and Community Testing) on Wednesday nights out of the South Omaha Community Health Center.

The RESPECT Clinic will move to Baker Place, 5050 Ames Ave. and will be open on Monday nights beginning Jan. 24.

GOODLIFE remains in place

The SHARING Clinic will continue to offer the GOODLIFE Clinic at Baker Place on the second Wednesday of each month. The GOODLIFE Clinic (Greater Omaha Outreach for Diabetes Lifestyles Impacting Fitness and Education) offers treatment of Type II diabetes.


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January 07, 2011 at 10:51 AM

I work at Baker Place clinic and we have people call and asking what time will the RESPECT clinic start and we don't know. We also have lady that calls and ask what doctor will be working at the RESPECT clinic.