UNMC LiveGreen - Gnome strike!

The UNMC gnomes have gone on strike.

The gnomes -- who first came to campus attention in a 2008 video that was part of the "I Love UNMC" campaign -- say the demands placed on them for power, water and other services have become excessive and unsustainable.

"We have powered the campus green efforts for years and we're happy to do so but we can no longer do it all," a spokesgnome said. "The rest of the campus simply must step up and do its part."

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Elevator use in the Durham Research Centers and escalator use in the Durham Outpatient Center has risen steadily in recent years and the number of light bulbs the gnomes have changed has doubled because employees and students leave so many lights on, the spokesgnome said.

"It wouldn't hurt if a few of you employees would replace some of your own water jugs, too," the spokesgnome said. "I mean, we smash all the ice to fill them, and then you want us to load the jugs into the coolers, too?

"It's gotten ridiculous."

The gnomes will not negotiate with UNMC departments until all personnel in those departments have signed the UNMC LiveGreen pledge.

"Employees must take the pledge to show they are willing to help keep resource demands at a reasonable level," the spokesgnome said.


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February 21, 2011 at 3:00 PM

This is hilarious! Great to see the return of the Gnomes!