Meet UNMC New Investigator Matthew Zimmerman, Ph.D.

UNMC researcher Matthew Zimmerman, Ph.D., answers questions about his work, life and interests.

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Matthew Zimmerman, Ph.D.
NOTE: This profile is part of a series highlighting the 24 researchers who will be honored at a May 2 ceremony for UNMC's 2010 Scientist Laureate, Distinguished Scientist and New Investigator award recipients.

  • Name: Matt Zimmerman, Ph.D.
  • Title: assistant professor of cellular and integrative physiology
  • Joined UNMC: July 2007
  • Hometown: Lomira, Wis.

Describe your research in laymen's terms.

Hypertension is associated with increased activity of brain cells called neurons. Elevated levels of molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS) in neurons have been shown to be involved in the development and progression of hypertension. My laboratory investigates the precise location of ROS generation in neurons and how these ROS control neuronal activation. We also investigate how antioxidant enzymes in neurons may work to decrease neuronal activation and lower blood pressure.

How does your research contribute to science and/or health care?

We strive to develop novel therapeutics that can selectively target neurons and/or subcellular compartments for the improved treatment of hypertension.

Name someone at UNMC who provides vital contributions to your success and briefly describe how they help you.

It is impossible to name just one. The faculty in the Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology and the collaborative atmosphere they create has certainly contributed to the early success of my research program. In addition, I am fortunate to have recruited some remarkable people into the lab relatively soon after starting at UNMC. Jocelyn Jones, a research technician, has basically been with me since day one. ... Erin Rosenbaugh, my first graduate student, has also been a vital contributor to my research program.

List three things few people know about you.

  • Although I was born and raised in Wisconsin, I am a Minnesota Vikings fan.
  • I played collegiate golf. OK, perhaps "played" is a bit overstated ... I was on my undergraduate college's golf team.
  • I have a bright red couch in my living room, which is Wisconsin Badger red, not Nebraska Husker red!


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