Images from Match Day

The slideshow above features images from Friday's Match Day Ceremony.
On Friday, 114 UNMC fourth-year medical students learned they would spread out to 25 states to continue their training to be tomorrow's physicians.

The UNMC students joined medical students from around the country in the annual Match Day ceremony.

Among those who matched was Kylee Stanley, who learned she would remain at UNMC to conduct an internal medicine-primary care residency.

Watch a video about Stanley -- who was featured in Friday's UNMC Today -- and how her experience with UNMC professor emeritus Jon Vanderhoof, M.D., when she was 2 years old inspired her to become a physician.

See a complete list that shows where the College of Medicine Class of 2012 members will do their residencies.


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Virtual scrapbook

View a Storify page about Match Day at UNMC.