UNMC Walks to the Olympics - Introducing the 'Blue T-Shirt'

To this point in the UNMC Walks to the Olympics challenge, it's been all about teams.

picture disc.
The UNMC 'Blue T-shirt' will go to the individual UNMC Walks to the Olympics participant who racks up the most steps in a particular week.
Now it's time we start to recognize individuals for outstanding stepping.

Similar to the Tour de France's "Yellow Jersey," the Olympic walk participant who accumulates the most steps for a particular week will get the "Blue T-Shirt" for that week.

Like the Yellow Jersey, the Blue T-Shirt is a traveling trophy that will change hands once a new step leader is determined.

In short, you get the shirt if you're the week's top stepper. If you don't have the week's top step total the following week, you give up the shirt.

The shirt will be handed out for the first time next week.

To qualify:

  • Report your weekly step total to your team captains as you've done so far throughout the challenge.
  • Team captains, when you submit your step totals for a week, also send along the name and step total for your team's top stepper of the week.

The week's best stepper will have his or her picture taken with the Blue T-shirt and will be featured in UNMC Today.


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