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Honorary degree nominations due July 6 
The Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee (HDAC) of the UNMC Faculty Senate is seeking nominations for honorary degrees to be awarded in 2010. An honorary degree is the highest honor that the university can bestow. Potential nominees should meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Distinguished service to UNMC or the University
  • Distinguished service to the state
  • Graduates, former students or former employees who have achieved high distinction
  • Persons of high distinction and distinguished achievement.
Potential candidates need not necessarily have a former connection to UNMC or the State of Nebraska. Although potential candidates for honorary degrees from UNMC would be likely to have made contributions in the areas of health and health science, contributions need not be limited to these areas. Recipients of honorary degrees must be able to attend the UNMC Commencement. Names of nominees may be forwarded to the Faculty Senate Office, Room 2021, Academic Research and Services Building, ZIP 7820, with one to two supporting paragraphs outlining the nominees qualifications and contributions. Other information supporting the nomination (i.e., detailed curriculum vitae, letters of support, etc.) will be collected as necessary with the assistance of the Department of Public Relations. Nominations are due at the Faculty Senate Office by no later than July 6, 2009, please note the earlier deadline. The HDAC and the UNMC leadership are committed to awarding honorary degrees on an ongoing basis and appreciate your support in identifying possible candidates. I encourage you to forward a nomination.

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