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CITI training program going offline for upgrade Aug. 3 
Attention Research Investigators and Research Personnel: The IRB has received the following message from CITI training program support office: "On Monday, Aug. 3 at approximately 8 a.m., EDT, the CITI Program web site will be taken offline for a major system upgrade. We expect the downtime to be approximately five days. Please instruct the learners of your institution to complete the work and log off prior to this time."

The IRB reminds investigators that all investigators and participating personnel listed on the IRB Application must have completed the CITI training in order for the IRB to issue final approval of initial IRB applications, amendments, and applications for continuing review. Please take the non-availability of the CITI Program website into consideration with regard to meeting IRB meeting review deadlines. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IRB at 559-6463 or irbora@unmc.edu.

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