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Automated Matrix Workbook V2.0 available Aug. 1 
The Clinical Research Billing Workgroup and Project Comet are pleased to announce the Aug. 1 release of the Automated Matrix Workbook V2.0.

The Automated Matrix Workbook V2.0 will replace Matrix Workbook V1.0 on the NHSSecure drive in the Clinical Trials folder titled "2- Matrix Workbook". Starting Aug. 1, all new protocols shall use the V2.0 format. Matrices currently using the V1.0 format do not require conversion. A user's manual has been written and will accompany the release of the Automated Matrix Workbook. A copy will be placed in the folder with the Automated Matrix. The "Automated Matrix User's Guide" (V1.0) contains:

  • A brief history and rationale behind the creation of the original matrix
  • Description of each page and fields contained there
  • The difference between the original and automated matrices
  • How to complete a matrix along with special considerations and tips
  • Regulatory references

These resources are provided as part of the continuing joint efforts of UNMC, TNMC, and UNMC-P compliance offices. The Clinical Research Operations Committee endorses the content and release of these materials to support consistency and compliance in the billing of clinical research. Questions and requests for training should be routed to Grade Videtich, clinical research financial compliance specialist, at gvidetich@unmc.edu or 559-7421.

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