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Construction and restrictions on Dewey Avenue and 42nd Street 
Beginning Monday, Oct. 12, Dewey Avenue between 42nd and 41st streets will be restricted to two lanes. The left turn lane from Dewey Avenue to south bound 42nd Street will be one-way east. Construction of a new storm sewer on the south side of Dewey Avenue will restrict traffic at that location. Forty-second Street also will be restricted to two lanes during this construction phase. The left turn lane from 42nd Street to the entrance of Clarkson Tower will be a temporary north bound traffic lane. This portion of the work is scheduled to be completed within two weeks. The second phase of the sewer work will keep the south drive lane of Dewey Avenue closed for three to four weeks. All pedestrian traffic on the south side of Dewey Avenue will be closed. Access crossings will be maintained, at different locations for access to the College of Nursing. Pedestrians are to be careful crossing Dewey Avenue during the construction phases. Signs will be posted in the College of Nursing directing personnel to the available exits.

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