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SAGH coffee sale to benefit Third-World farmers 
The Student Alliance for Global Health is selling fairly-traded coffee, tea, chocolate and snack products as a fundraiser to support Third World farmers and the annual SAGH medical service trips. Look for their product display over the noon hour, Monday-Thursday, either in Wittson Hall or by the University Tower cafeteria. By purchasing these products, you are building a sustainable future for small farmers in countries through the Americas, Africa and Asia. SAGH will use the proceeds of the sales to help support its annual medical service trips to Jamaica, Nicaragua, Belize and an American Indian Reservation. The products may also be purchased directly from International Studies & Programs at WH 3054. Or complete the order form on the IS&P Web site. and send it to IS&P at zip 5735. A complete list of products, prices, and descriptions plus order form can be found online.

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