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Used textbooks, medical, dental equipment needed for Zambian school 
Used medical and dental textbooks and equipment such as microscopes and stethoscopes are being collected to send to a new medical school in northern Zambia. According to a 2006 report, Zambia had less than 650 doctors to care for its 12 million people. In contrast, hundreds of physicians can be found at UNMC alone. Books can either be dropped off at the Specialty Care Clinic at 804 S. 52nd St., (just south of 52nd and Leavenworth), or sent via campus courier to ZIP code 8106. Supplies such as microscopes, stethoscopes and other equipment cannot be sent via campus courier. Contact Susan Swindells, M.B.B.S., or Deanna Hansen at 559-5392 or sswindells@unmc.edu or dmhansen@unmc.edu, to arrange a drop-off or delivery for such equipment. The new school -- which is in Ndola -- is set to open in April of 2011. Forty medical students and 10 dental students will compose the first class. The collection will last until July 1.

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