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UNMC Musical Society meeting on Aug. 30 
The UNMC Musical Society will have its first meeting of the year on Monday, Aug. 30. What are we all about? UNMCMS is a group for anyone with any past experience or interest in singing or playing an instrument and who wants to have a little fun and do something completely different from what you do all day long (sitting in a classroom, working in the clinic or lab, etc). We have all ranges of experience in our group, from the person who played saxophone in high school and hasn't touched it since to music performance majors who somehow found themselves working at UNMC. We keep the music pretty simple and perform for a variety of events including the Anatomical Donor Memorial Service held in the Spring (but we are mostly there to just play for fun!). We meet on Monday nights (as of right now) at Augustana Lutheran Church ( 38th and Lafayette, just north of Cuming St.). Generally we meet every other week, but if we have a performance coming up (like we do now . on Oct. 5th) we will meet weekly. The instrumental group meets from 6 to 7 p.m. and the vocal group meets from 7 to 8 p.m. Annual dues are $15, which goes to cover the cost of music and some compensation for our director. Even if you aren't necessarily interested in meeting with an ensemble but are just looking for a few other musicians to start a small group or to jam with, we can still help you! We have a Google document spreadsheet with contact info for all sorts of musicians and if you are interested, we can get you the link and get you plugged in.

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