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Wittson Hall elevator interruption on Oct. 25 
On Monday, Oct. 25, UNMC Elevator No.20 (service elevator serving levels 1 through 8), Elevators No. 21 and 22 (i.e., both the north and south passenger elevator cars serving levels 2 through 6), and Elevator No. 23 (library passenger elevator serving levels 6 through 8) in Wittson Hall will be shut down for several hours during the day. However, only one elevator will be shut down at any given time. Anyone unable to use the stairs and needing access to levels 2 through 8 must call the McGoogan library circulation desk at 559-4006 or Security Dispatch at 559-5111 for an escorted elevator ride. The interruptions will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact Dan Michalak at 559-5048 or Nick Combs at 559-5292 for more information.

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