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Friday mindful meditation sessions start on March 11 
An occasional shift from "Doing Mode" to "Being Mode" can lead to greater focus, productivity, health and peace of mind. Anyone interested may join together for a short Mindful Meditation period of 20 to 30 minutes every Friday at noon in Wittson Hall, Room 4039 (the Alumni Association Conference Room on the Wittson end of the 42nd St. Overpass). This is not a class, but rather a period of rotating guided meditations, soft music/sounds or simply quiet time. You may enter and leave quietly if you cannot be present for the full period. Quiet time will begin by 12:10 p.m. Bring a brown bag lunch and stay for a short conversation period afterward if you like. This would be a great venue to begin this practice, continue an on-going practice or just give yourself time to pause and reflect. We will sit in regular chairs, no need for a cushion or other equipment. Contact Ronda Stevens at 559-5553 or rstevens@unmc.edu if you have questions. The sessions start March 11.

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