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Read this if you or your dependents attended UNL in 2010! 
If you or your dependents received employee tuition remission benefits in 2010 to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the student may have received two 1098-T forms ("Tuition Statement"). This form is used to determine whether you or your dependents qualify for certain education related tax credits. The original 1098-T, sent in late January, was incorrect because it did not include graduate assistant benefits and/or employee tuition remission benefits for the fall 2010 semester (Box 5- "Scholarships or Grants"). A corrected 1098-T form has now been sent to all those affected by this error. Please use the corrected form when preparing your 2010 income tax return. The top of the form will have the "Corrected" box checked. If you have already filed your 2010 return, we suggest you compare the information on your tax return with the corrected Box 5 amount. You may have claimed more tax credit than you were entitled to and may need to submit an amended return. If you must file an amended tax return because of the correction in Box 5 of your 1098-T, and you filed your tax return before Feb. 25, we will cover the cost of preparing your amended return. Please provide a receipt of your additional cost incurred and proof that the change on the corrected 1098-T is the only change to your return. The student may verify whether s/he should have received a corrected 1098-T by logging on to MyRED and selecting "Other Services" to view her/his 1098-T electronically. If you desire on campus assistance with your tax return, please visit involved.unl.edu/taxes or contact Linda Moody at lmoody2@unl.edu. Questions regarding this issue may be directed to Bob Clark at rclark1@unl.edu or 402-472-2887.

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