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Wheel tax information for full-time students 
UNMC is no longer able to process wheel tax exemptions. Please note the following: Any regularly enrolled full-time student who has a license plate that is not registered in Douglas County, but is living in Douglas County, can get a wheel tax exemption sticker from any Douglas County Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. If you are living in Douglas County and do not have an exempt sticker, this could result in tickets with fines up to $400. If this applies to you, you will need the following when you go to the DMV:
  • Proof of motor vehicle registration where your car is registered.
  • Proof of current class schedule at UNMC with the university seal on it. You can get this form from Academic Records.
  • Students with Nebraska license plates (but not Douglas County) will be prorated and the cost may be around $10 to $35 in cash. These students will also have to renew their registration in Douglas County when their plates expire - no matter if the vehicle is in their name or not.
  • Students with out of state license plates will pay $5 in cash (no money orders).

Fore more information, contact Omaha/Douglas County Offices at (402) 444-7000.

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