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Library conducts trials of natural medicine databases 
Online Publisher Ovid has set up a UNMC trial of several Natural and Alternative Medicines products - most of them are obvious at the following login page, but one is buried under the 'books at ovid' link. It is an ebook called Facts & Comparisons Review of Natural Products. The most pertinent database to the Natural and Alternative Medicines topic is the AMED database. For information about each product, click on the blue 'i'at http://gateway.ovid.com/autologin.html. Ebsco has set up trials as well, for the databases Evidence Based Complementary Medicines and Natural and Alternative Treatments. You can find them on this page. Send an e-mail to Ann Kaste at akaste@unmc.edu if you find these databases to be useful to you and to indicate whether or not you see an information need in the Natural and Alternative Medicines arena.

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