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42nd Street construction update 
On Sept. 13, modifications to 42nd Street will begin just south of Harney Street. Work will include removal and replacement of curb and gutters, new concrete sidewalks with brick pavers and new pedestrian lighting. The first portion of the work is to re-align the curbs on both sides of 42nd Street at Dewey Avenue and the elimination of the current turn lane. Access to Dewey Avenue from 42nd Street will be maintained, but traffic will be congested until all work is completed. There also will be some congestion for pedestrians crossing at Dewey Avenue. Installation of new traffic signals and new asphalt paving will be two to three weeks later. Pedestrians are asked to obey all barricades and posted signage. The 42nd and Leavenworth Street intersection will receive new asphalt paving and stripping starting the week of Sept. 18. This will be a three to four day operation with traffic restricted to one lane in each direction. With the completion of this intersection, left turns off of 42nd Street on to Leavenworth Street will allowed.

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