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Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples for sale Dec. 19 
Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples will be on sale on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples, which all cost $8.99, can be found across from the Nebraska Cafe exit on the third floor of University Tower starting at 7 a.m. Some sale proceeds go to the American Heart Association. Mrs. Hathaway would like to remind people that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S. and that more women than men suffer from this ailment. Please help Mrs. Hathaway in volume of sales by ordering early. You can call Joanie Martin at 559-9252 during the day to get an order form or to place an order. You can send checks or money orders to Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples, ZIP 2265. During the evening, call 333-3746.

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