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McGoogan Library makes big changes for 2007 
The library has purchased licenses to several new and exciting resources this year. Among them are DynaMed, an Evidence-Based clinical decision support tool, the National Organization of Rare Diseases Database, Inteleos (replacing NDA Pipeline), Four Current Contents Titles Online, the entire Nature Clinical Practice journal collection online, the backfiles to Cell Press journals and the backfiles to several Medicine and Dentistry journals through Science Direct. Two of these resources, DynaMed and the Nature Clinical Practice journals, have been licensed jointly for UNMC and The Nebraska Medical Center. There are also several journal titles that were cancelled or changed to online only due to low print use. The list of all journals that have been added, changed to online only, or cancelled can be found here. All databases and journals can be accessed through the library home page at http://www.unmc.edu/library. Please direct all comments and questions to Mary Helms at mhelms@unmc.edu or 559-7099.

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