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Faculty Award nominations being accepted 
The UNMC Faculty Senate is pleased to announce the availability of one "Spirit of Community Service Award," four "Outstanding Teacher Awards" and one "Outstanding Faculty Mentor of Graduate Students Award." These awards will be presented at the Annual Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, April 24 at 4 p.m. Nominations are invited from both students and faculty. Nomination forms and selection criteria are available through the Faculty Senate Office by sending an e-mail to lmerriman@unmc.edu or jmcgovern@unmc.edu or by calling 559-5132 or 559-8683. The forms also can be downloaded from the Faculty Senate Web Site at http://info.unmc.edu/dept/facsen/index.cfm?L1_ID=4&CONREF=2. Nominators are urged to follow these criteria in order to provide the most supportive documentation possible for each nominee. The Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee will select recipients based on the clearest and most comprehensive evidence provided that attests to their community service or their superior teaching skills and effectiveness. All nominations and supporting documents (original plus 8 copies) must be delivered to Linda Merriman or Joan McGovern in the Office of the Faculty Senate, room 2021, Academic & Research Services Building, zip 7820, by March 15.

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