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Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples on sale Feb. 12 
Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples will be on sale on Monday, Feb. 12 near the exit of the Nebraska Cafe. Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples are large Granny Smith apples covered in homemade caramel, smothered in milk or dark chocolate. Some apples are coated with peanuts, cashews or pistachios. This batch of apples is packaged in creative designs for Valentine's Day. If you have a special occasion you would like apples for, please contact Joanie Martin in cardiology at 559-9252. Special orders must be received by Thursday, Feb. 8 to be picked up on Feb. 12. Partial proceeds from the apple sale will be donated to the American Heart Association. Did you know that heart disease is the top killer of women?

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