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Center for Cellular Signaling accepts applications 
The Nebraska Center for Cellular Signaling, funded by a Center for Biomedical Research Excellence grant from the National Institutes of Health, invites applications for both its project and pilot project competition from faculty in the area of Cellular Signaling in Tumorigenesis. The primary objective is to stimulate research in the area of cellular signaling and to enhance the competitiveness in obtaining extramural support. Project and pilot project programs are open to all junior faculty members who have not yet received NIH R01 type funding. Proposals must represent a new signaling project within the laboratory and have the potential for attracting independent funding from NIH. All awards will be dependent on continued NIH funding. The application deadline is Monday, May 7 with an anticipated start date of July 1. Contact Valeta Creason-Wahl by e-mail at vcreason@unmc.edu for information on format.

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