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Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples on sale April 4-5 
Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples will be available for sale Wednesday, April 4 outside the Nebraska Cafe and April 5 in Clarkson's Cafe. Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples are large Granny Smith apples covererd in homemade caramel, smothered in milk or dark chocolate and packaged in creative designs to match the occasion. When sliced, each apple serves four to six people. On April 4 and 5 apples will be packaged for Easter. Partial proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association. For more information and details, call 559-9252. Order forms are available by calling this number or by stopping by the booths on April 4 and 5. To assure you receive the gourmet apple and packaging you desire, send your order form along with $8.99 in a confidential envelope to Mrs. Hathaway's Gourmet Apples, ATTN: Joanie Martin, Cardiology, ZIP 2265. Orders must be received by April 2 for pick-up on April 4-5.

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