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Severe weather week features April 4 tornado drills 
UNMC, The Nebraska Medical Center and UNMC Physicians will participate in statewide "Severe Weather Week" from April 2-6, which will include test tornado warnings on Wednesday, April 4. There will be two drills April 6, one at about 10 a.m. and one about 7 p.m. The morning exercise will consist of a mock tornado watch and warning and the evening drills will just feature a test warning. If severe weather actually is in the area on April 4, the drills will be held April 5. Those receiving the severe weather notification should communicate the information to others in their area. Several methods will be used to communicate the severe weather information including:
  • NOAA weather alert radios;
  • Audible devices on the fire alarm systems;
  • Alertcast Emergency Notification System;
  • Text pagers;
  • House paging; and
  • Broadcast media.
In addition, Douglas County will sound Civil Defense Warning Sirens for both the morning and evening drills. Departments may determine their level of participation, however, at the very minimum they should make sure notification is received, staff know what to do and where the shelter is located. Departments also should ensure their shelter is accessible and available. All areas participating in the drill are asked to complete an online "Severe Weather Report" form after the drill that can be found at http://www.preceptor.com/safety/weather/. (Remember to hit the submit button after you have finished.) For more information about the drill, contact John Hauser at 559-7315.

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