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Creating a museum ambiance subject of June 19 Durham lecture 
A museum's mission varies depending on what type of museum it is. The primary goal for all museums, however, is basically the same: to educate and to entertain. Exhibit design plays a significant role in achieving this goal through a combination of many components including story panels, display cases, kiosks, lighting, labels and audio/visual elements. All of these components provide an engaging and immersive museum experience. Join the Durham Western Heritage Museum's Director of Exhibit Design, Timothy Hantula for an inside look at the progression of exhibit development. From concept to construction, this process is as interesting as the exhibit itself. The presentation will be Tuesday, June 19 at noon in the College of Nursing, Room 1011 and 1012. Please e-mail Jill Carson at jlcarson@unmc.edu if you are planning to attend.

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